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dribdrabble original - the art of drabbling, <500 words at a time
dribdrabble original
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26th-Feb-2009 09:42 pm - Hiya!
[Name]: A secret never to be revealed except on IM.
[Call me]: Bond. James Bond. Or, you could call me Hayashi.
[What I write]: Many a thing. I just got an LJ, though... so nothin' on there yet.
[Projects]: Er,
[Passions] Singing, writing, the Internet.
[Age]: A secret until a later date.
[From]: Los Angeles, California.
[Pets]: I have one, yes.
25th-Feb-2009 05:11 pm(no subject)
Title: Vixen
Author: petite_inconnue
Rating: PG for insinuations
Summary: Helga admires her reflection
Word Count: 83
Note: I wrote this in English in class -a friend and I started a drabble contest once the lecture-of-the-day got to boring and this is what emerged.

25th-Feb-2009 10:52 am - Intro to your other mod!
default - typewriter please no

Hi everyone! Your other friendly mod here, who, as aisley_crosse said, is not very pretty and extremely busy. However, I am currently stuck in a class which could easily win the Most Boring Lecture of the Year award several times in a row, so I thought I'd finally get my behind over here!

Who are you? Caroline, AKA, Caz
What name do you want to go by? Whichever, I'm not picky. Online, most people call me AKA.
What kind of writing do you enjoy? Fanfiction, historical fiction, literary novels, RPF (Real Person [fan]Fiction), good historical/creative nonfiction.
Any projects? At the moment? Yikes. Several epic-length ARs based on the footieslash (slash between soccer players) I write, a historical novel, a few unfinished lit novels, an unfinished TV screenplay, other general fanfic (all my stuff is up at centimetre_fics if anyone's interested, members-only + approval but I'm not strict with who joins... just keeping track, and be warned there's a lot of explicit stuff).
Any passions? Writing (obvs), reading, traveling, learning, college, violin, music in general, British TV, soccer/football.
How old are you? 18.
Where are you from? Most recently, Boston. I go to university in New York City.
Pets? Sadly, no.

I would write a drabble, but my mind is taken up by Plato and a little scene with lawyers screaming at each other that is unfortunately not drabble-length... but I'll be back! Great to have everyone here!

23rd-Feb-2009 11:55 am - Introduction
South Park
Who are you? Vicky
What name do you want to go by? Vicky's fine by me, it's a bit more personal than Bluemoon.
What kind of writing do you enjoy? Oh, all sorts really. I do a lot of character portraits and first person narratives and stream of consciousness. Every so often I'll do some proper writing if you're lucky.
Any projects? Editing my novel, and realising that just sometimes my writing can be very very bad. But also that sometimes it can be quite good! I'm signed up to a load of fanfiction prompts, but I know I'm not allowed to talk about that here. But often ff plot bunnied turn into originals plot bunnies, which is always quite refreshing.
Any passions? Apart from writing? Well, I like reading a lot, too. In fact I'm studying a Masters in Early Modern English Literature. Quite a bit of my writing is modernisations or adaptations of early modern texts. Other interests are acting, singing, photography, I love movies and TV shows that play kind of like movies, like Heroes and Buffy. Also I love my job (most of the time), because I work for my best friend. It's a plumbing company, I do odds and sods in the office, but I think mostly my job description is Comic Relief.
How old are you? 23
Where are you from? I'm originally from South-East London. I grew up in the middle of no where in South Wales, and now I live near Conwy in North Wales. But I sound Canadian, because my husband's Canadian (Kawartha Lakes area in Ontario) and I used to spend quite a bit of time out there.
Pets? Oh, I love animals. We have two cats. Toots is a skinny, spoiled little black cat with white whiskers and paws and a white spot on her belly (which is developing a pot). Minty is an originally small and now quite spherical white and grey cat. She's quite old and tatty looking, and has altzheimers where food is concerned. We also have two gerbils, Squish and Scampi.
22nd-Feb-2009 09:27 pm - Hello World!

Who are you?
What name do you want to go by? Babe, but only by one person
What kind of writing do you enjoy? I like writing, it's that simple. If I end up writing crap for three hours straight, I'm happy.
Any projects? Getting accepted into CEGEP (pre-college in my part of the world), a couple of editorial style rants, finding happiness
Any passions? Writing [insert valley girl "duh" here], photography, directing and cafes.
How old are you? 17
Where are you from? Montreal, Quebec, Canada (I don't really like adding the "Quebec, Canada" bit because even though it's geographically correct, I don't feel like I really belong to Quebec or Canada, just good ol' MTL. -Why am I telling you this? I don't know.)
Pets? Two cats: Freya and Bisou

Wow...that got personal. Hope you don't mind!

22nd-Feb-2009 06:56 pm - Yes, We Do
[music] last significant
Title: Yes, We Do
Author: cofmanynames
Rating: PG, probably
Summary: A female thing thinks that the English language needs genderneutral pronouns, while a chatty narrator tells a story about her.
Word Count: 90
Note: I have no idea who 'she' is or who the narrator is or who the narrator's talking to... This is an annoyingly common predicament for me.
Almost unnecessary cutCollapse )
22nd-Feb-2009 03:05 pm - Hi.
[music] last significant
I was pretty relieved to find this comm; I write drabbles all the time. So, I gather I'm supposed to introduce myself...

Who are you? Various people, but we aren't going to talk about that right now.
What name do you want to go by? C.
What kind of writing do you enjoy? Fantasy and science-fiction mostly; I've been reading more horror lately but have been told that what I like is more eerie than anything else.
Any projects? I have three novels I'm trying to write; does that count? Also an illustrated novella.
Any passions? Yes. Writing, reading, drawing.
How old are you? Thirteen and a half and nineteen days (born August 3rd 1995)
Where are you from? Mexico.
Pets? Three cats: Milldred, Diana, Nostradamus.
22nd-Feb-2009 11:21 am - Prompt Challenge
Hi Everyone,

The prettier of your two, very busy, mods here.

Can anyone come up with any prompts? Do you have one you wish to share? A passing thought? A whimsical image? Anything? Maybe it would get us all drabbling again? Yes?

So, if you have some and wish to share just comment on this post or post your own.. My prompt?
                      'Silver Lipstick'

So, if the prompt works for you, write some and POST IT!!

I'll be posting some later on, my main character is in for a wake up call and a strip club!

p.s. I plan to do some pimping for this comm today, if you can help by mentioning us every once in a while, please do! I'll be eternally grateful, promise!
18th-Feb-2009 03:09 am(no subject)
Title: On The Hunt.
Author: bitteralmonds_x
Rating: M (contains mentions of violence)
Word Count: 150
Summary: A hunter stalks his prey.

follow the cutCollapse )
9th-Jan-2009 10:44 pm - Just One Word
Orig - Never Happened

Title: Just One Word
Author: MoonlitTaint
Word Count: 276
Warning: Curse words
Authors Note: I always write whenever I feel something too strongly -- when I freak out.



So it reads...Collapse )

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