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dribdrabble original - the art of drabbling, <500 words at a time
dribdrabble original
And While The King Was Looking Down, the Jester Stole His Party Crown 
4th-Mar-2009 09:17 pm
[music] last significant
Title: The Girl With A Head
Author: C (cofmanynames )
Word count: 476
Rating: PG13, I think.
Summary: Libris wanders around in my head, carrying a severed one.
Notes: First drabble here with this character in. She shows up a lot. This is perhaps the most benign she's been, actually.

“Hey!” she shouted brightly, swinging what she was carrying. “Look!”
My first reaction was understandable: I bit my tongue so as not to be sick, so hard that from a narrative standpoint my mouth should've filled with blood; and indeed I tasted the idea of a sharp iron tang as I swallowed. “What is that?” I managed.
She tsked. “I would think you'd be bright enough to see. You disappoint me!” She swung it again, a calculated and careful swing this time, so that it almost ended up in my face. It was a severed head: messily hacked off, I couldn't help but notice, with dried blood crusted at its neck and eyes wide and horrified and staring.
Don't be like that,” she reprimanded me, absentmindedly licking her scissors in a way that could've been invented to creep me out. “I got to find out something!”
Oh, don't tell me,” I said, turning away.
You can decapitate someone with scissors!” Libris told me.
I said don't tell me.” My voice was rather weak; hopefully the fight not to be sick would not be a losing battle. I wished, though, that she would stop dripping everywhere. “Where did you leave the body?”
I don't see how that's any business of yours,” she sulked. My reaction had apparently not been satisfactory; she held the hair of that horrible head and just stared at her scissors, turning them to catch the light with her eyes very big.
It is business of mine,” I insisted. “It's my head, and I'd rather not have a rotting corpse in it. There are no carrion-eaters to take care of it, and it could get on everything.”
She shrugged and kept looking down; it was very obvious that she was only controlling herself because I could not be killed in the first place.
Please don't tell me you ate it?”
Libris rolled her eyes. “Not all of it,” she said reproachfully.
Oh, Libris... do you have any idea all the diseases you can catch from human bodies?”I seized her by the shoulders, forcing her to look at me. “I don't want you to die from a disease. If you die, I want to kill you myself.”
She blinked at me a bit. “Really?”
Uh... yeah?” Didn't she already know this?
Oh wow!” she said, throwing her arms around me and walloping me in the back with the head. “That might be the nicest thing I've ever been told!”
...Just... let go of me... please,” I muttered, suddenly realizing why I had felt an inclination this morning to wear an idealogical red shirt.
“Certainly,” she said, letting go.
I was faintly bothered by how much it disturbed me to make her happy, but I supposed she really didn't deserve it, did she?
"Just stop carrying a head around in mine," I muttered.</lj>
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