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14th-Mar-2009 02:45 pm - RAT: Three For Three
[music] last significant
I recently joined the community runaway_tales  (it is full of extremely awesome prompts for original fic, and there, that's your veiled plug), and I mean recently: I've been around for this week, that's about it. At any rate, I recently discovered that most of my Tales are drabble-length, and so decided to crosspost. From now on, I'll note when I'm crossposting RATs. Here's three from this week -- there's another in progress, by the way, so I will be around once again, soon.

Title: And She Fell
Author: C
Wordcount: 406
Rating: G/PG
RATs prompts: Chocolate #30 (joy), Cinnamon Swirl #29 (long way down), Peanut Butter #3 (wind/air), topped with Whipped Cream and Rainbow Sprinkles.
Summary: A girl stands at the edge of a cliff and wishes she could fly.
Notes: It seems that almost everyone likes this. It makes me wonder. Also, I give you Elshara. She's from the second book in the trilogy I'm working on, but she looks about eight years younger here -- almost half her current canonical age.

She could feel the breeze whipping playfully at her, calling her to follow it.Collapse )


Title: Consequences (1)
Author: C
Wordcount: 383
Rating: PG
RATs prompts: Mango #2 (look behind you)
Summary: Stuff is catching up to the Thief, Jonathan, and Libris comes out of nowhere.
Notes: Takes place say a day after this.

The wind today was cold and sharp.Collapse )


Title: Meta-the-Difference
Author: C
Wordcount: 339
Rating: a squeaky-clean G
RATs prompts: Chocolate #25 (inspiration) with Sprinkles
Summary: Lord Neal writes about writing.
Notes: He's a bit of an elitist, but I like his style, and it's more the culture he's immersed in than anything. Also, fun character is fun, and appears to be five or six years older than I've ever seen him; I'm glad he apparently doesn't die.

With his eyes closed, Neal found a pen, dipped it in ink and held it above the piece of paper, waiting for the words to come.Collapse )
8th-Mar-2009 09:08 pm - A Drabble With A Place In
[music] last significant
Title: On the Room Where Dreams Were Stored
Author: C
Wordcount: 455
Rating: PG
Summary: There's a room in the Academy where all the illusionists keep their dreams.
Notes: This comes before this and explains where Doe and Ciri are, and why Lyssia has all those people to be harried at.  Crossposting to my personal journal.

The Academy of Slíated is a very big place.Collapse )
6th-Mar-2009 11:27 am - Oblivion
default - typewriter please no
Hi everyone - my first drabble actually up here... I promise I'll get to commenting on everyone's work soon! *is a very bad mod*

Title: Oblivion
Author: aka_centimetre2
Wordcount: 260
Rating: R for thematic material.
Summary: Meditation on a relationship between two characters in my original historical novel RAF. Arthur Fairbanks, captured RAF pilot, struggles to survive the horror that is Buchenwald... with unexpected help. (A previous version of this drabble has been posted elsewhere...)

He is not sure what he has done to deserve hopeCollapse )
[music] last significant
Title: The Girl With A Head
Author: C (cofmanynames )
Word count: 476
Rating: PG13, I think.
Summary: Libris wanders around in my head, carrying a severed one.
Notes: First drabble here with this character in. She shows up a lot. This is perhaps the most benign she's been, actually.

No, seriously, this is her when she's being insanely nice. I don't know what's got into her!Collapse )</lj>
4th-Mar-2009 04:13 pm - On Wishes
[music] last significant
Title: On Wishes
Author: C (cofmanynames )
Word count: 180
Rating: PG13 for character with gory imagination.
Summary: She wishes for lots of things. She just won't tell you.
Notes: Some of the wishes were inspired by the Sandman, by Neil Gaiman.

Why did it ask her what she wished for?Collapse )
1st-Mar-2009 06:09 pm(no subject)
Title: Go West
Author: petite_inconnue
Words: 181
Rating: G
Summary: A teenager leaves home.
Notes: I tend to use repetition in my writing and in this piece, I really exaggerated that tendency. So be warned

28th-Feb-2009 09:58 pm - hello!
well, aka_centimetre2 had the pleasure of hinting me towards this little writing community, so i thought i'd join.

Who are you? lira
What name do you want to go by? whatever floats your boat, but nothing odd like, "sweetie pumpkins" and other names solely reserved for grandmothers
What kind of writing do you enjoy? i'm more of a realistic fiction writer with some history mushed in with it. i'm a narrative-dialogue driven girlie who cannot stop describing things with funky metaphors. 
Any projects? at the moment, i'm applying for a creative writing summer program in the states that requires a writing portfolio - and that will take up approximately 99% of my life in march 2009
Any passions? writing (no kidding), reading thick mindless novels, being physically close to a large body of water, playing the violin, music in general with the bass booster turned on high, hunting down truffles that come in boxes
How old are you? 17.
Where are you from? i like to claim that i come from boston since, generally speaking, that's where i was raised up. but at the moment, i'm living in seoul, south korea until i graduate from high school.
Pets? not anymore. --sniffles--

i will post up drabbles starting in april, so i'll be commenting more than writing this month. (:
28th-Feb-2009 03:44 pm - Drabblin' like a... drabble machine!

Title: Drabble #2: Such Sweet Sorrows
Author: double_damn 

Rating: G
Summary: Box of chocolates? Damn straight.
Word Count: 240
Note: NONE.

 Havin' trouble right now. Trying to cut. Hold on for story, please.

Such Sweet SorrowsCollapse )

27th-Feb-2009 07:46 pm - Drabble time.
Title: Drabble #1
Author: double_damn
Rating: G
Summary: I've got voices in my head, but I know it's alright. They're only trying to help.
Word Count: 240
Note: Um, it might be a little weird. That's all, really.

(for anybody browsing at the wrong time, I am attempting to LJ cut right now. And most likely, I will fail at this endeavor. BUT I WILL PERSEVERE.)

Two VoicesCollapse )
27th-Feb-2009 11:46 am - Because Ciri Is Not A Coward
[music] last significant
Title: The Difference
Author: C
Rating: PG13 for angry Ciri, mild violence, implied greater violence and a necromancer.
Summary: Ciri may be scared of everything, but she isn't a coward.
Word Count: 448
Notes: Edited version. Full version will be found at my journal when I get a chance to post it. Written last night on the last leg of a flight to Florida. Ciri's accent gets a lot thicker when she's tired, doesn't it? For BTTIS.

Do not call Ciri a coward. Ever. Again.Collapse )
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